About us


Thousands of homes and buildings have been treated thanks to our team’s expertise, and as many satisfied clients are fully enjoying the benefits of their investment.

Our story

Isolation Confort was founded by Robert Bouthillier in 1979. The company was then specialized in insulation for residential buildings. Quickly, the company was able to expand its services to several regions of Quebec.

In the early ’90s, as Isolation Confort was expanding activities, commercial and industrial markets became increasingly important, enabling the company to add asbestos removal and fireproofing services for steel structures to its service offer.

At the turn of the year 2000, Isolation Confort added waterproofing services to offer its clients a more comprehensive service.

A family business, Isolation Confort was passed into the hands of the second generation in 2006. Since then, the company has continued to grow and reached the milestone of 100 employees.

Our mission

Isolation Confort’s mission is to provide high-quality insulation, fireproofing, and waterproofing services. We rely on product quality, the technical expertise of our teams, and continuous investment in high-performance tools and machinery to exceed client expectations. Our effective work, the accessibility of our team and its leaders make us more than just a business partner.

Our values

At Isolation Confort, family has an important place. Despite our strong growth in recent years, we strive to maintain the company’s family spirit through our management’s flexibility, availability, and proximity to our employees and clients.

  • Well-being: We place importance on actively listening to the needs of those around us. Whether financially, physically, or emotionally, we help our employees find the right balance in life. By ensuring the well-being of our front-line workers, we are also ensuring that of our clients.
  • Respect: Respect is demonstrated in many ways at Isolation Confort. Recognition of individuals and their knowledge, the creation of an inclusive environment, and openness are some of the ways we show our appreciation.
  • Team spirit: Ensuring that everyone is available to work in collaboration with others is especially important at Isolation Confort. With employees as well as with our clients, we form a community where helpfulness, good humour, and achievement are vectors of the corporate culture!
  • Client relationship: Isolation Confort develops privileged relationships with its clients. Close contact allows for better communication. This proximity gives us a deeper understanding of the challenges of the projects we are carrying out.
  • Fun: For us, fun is an essential ingredient in everyone’s daily performance and it allows us to work in a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere.

Our team | Management

Marc Bouthillier
450-477-6181 ext. 226
Frédéric Boyer
450-477-6181 ext. 229
Jean-Marc Michaud
Site Manager, Partner
450-477-6181 ext. 223
Patrice Michaud
Site Manager, Partner
450-477-6181 ext. 234

Comfort in your job

A business that cares about your well-being, at work and at home

Isolation Confort is an employer that cares about its employees’ comfort, both at home and at work. Working within our team is easy, pleasant, and conducive to proper work-life balance. Whether through our team activities, the comradery of our workers, or our happy hour get-togethers, we create a pleasant and welcoming workplace, both on the job site and in the office!